Theatre Lunatico’s 2016 production of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses was performed by an all female acting ensemble in the dusty bowl of a small woodland amphitheatre. Our swimming pool was a tin bath. We set Zimmerman’s exquisite script in a makeshift refugee camp. A group of women, exhausted from their travels, tell stories to pass the night away. Cathartic and poignant, these stories of the Gods are brought down to earth through an all too familiar context of human catastrophe. By telling these big myths in our small, bare bones way, Theatre Lunatico continues to promote intimate, connected theatre, emphasizing the beauty of the human condition through timeless storytelling.

Theatre Lunatico:
Director – Tina Taylor
Assistant Director – Michael Barr
Musical Director – Laura Alderdice
Production and Set Assistant – Gillian Parker

Melanie Bandera- Hess
Megan Donahue
Eileen Fisher
Emily Ludlow
Keara Noelle
Shawn Oda
Eileen Puppo
Youth actors:
Maddie Cope
Bella Faillace