“In the dark times

Will there also be singing?

Yes, there will also be singing

About the dark times.“

Bertolt Brecht 1939

Singing in the face of fear is an act of courage and an act of hope. To re-open the Subterranean Theatre, Theatre Lunatico will host a festival of one-act plays from October-November 2021 in celebration of our collective humanity during this time of a global pandemic, climate catastrophe, and deepening divides.

We are asking for submissions by local playwrights for short (5-10 minutes) one-act plays.

  • DATES:

    Performances Frid/Sat/Sun from October 22nd – November 7th, 2021, at the Subterranean Theatre, La Val’s Pizza, Berkeley.

  • Productions need to be minimalist for quick turn-around between plays.
  • Priority will be given to scripts that promote diversity, and support the work of Bay Area BIPOC artists, whilst also meeting our long standing commitment to gender parity.
  • Due to ongoing COVID concerns, we will be using a small group of 8 actors who will perform in each one-act play. 
  • The one-act festival will feature Excellence Noir’s Four Women: Rainbow of the African Diaspora by Jourdán D. Olivier-Verde
  • Additionally, Theatre Lunatico will be presenting three one-act plays, an original physical theatre short play called Ida, Ida! Did You Look in the Fridge?along with Medea by Wendy Wasserstein and Christopher Durang, and Lives of the Great Waitresses by Nina Shengold.
  • We will work to match playwrights with the artists and crew they need in order to present their show.
    If you have any questions, contact us here.