Barry David Horwitz at Theatrius

James Feroz at The Daily Californian

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Gilad Barach at Theatrius

“Theatre Lunatico’s production ridicules modern cellphone culture, forcing us to confront our obsessions while poking fun. Tina Taylor’s “School for Scandal” teaches lots of lessons about humor and humility.”



Sam Hurwitt review at Marin IJ

“Intimate, haunting, well-choreographed… the fight scenes are strikingly brutal”

MacB and Lady MacB dagger scene

Irene Nelson review at Theatrius

“…take this opportunity to embrace a deeper bond with these powerful actors, and be swept away. Theatre Lunatico gives us the full tale, full of power.”

Lennox lighting up

David Hirzel review at For All Events

“…scenes of visceral intensity too numerous to recall.”

Lady MacDuff death