“I want your fear. For your fear, like a current, rushes through your body… hemorrhages deliciously within you.”

“A haunting masterpiece” read Rachel Norby’s review in Theatrius.

In October 2018, Theatre Lunatico brings you Steven Dietz’s adaptation of Dracula, with a special late night halloween performance at our Subterranean Theatre.


*Maria Grazia Affinito – Renfield
Shoresh Alaudini – Seward
*Michael Barr – Dracula
April Culver – Lucy
Eileen Fisher – Van Helsing
*Leon Goertzen – Harker
Jessica Lauren – Maid and ensemble
Shawn Oda – Mina
Bryce Smith – Assistant and ensemble


*Member Actors Equity Association
An Equity-approved project

Production team:

Tina Taylor – Director
Kit Turner – Stage Manager
Gideon Jones – Set design
Rob Bradshaw – Lighting design
Andrea Weber – Fight Choreography
Cierra White – Costume design
Tina Taylor – Sound design
Michael O’Brien – Sound design technical assistance
Jessica Lauren – Make up and prosthetics
Jayme Catalano – Graphic Design and Marketing