TITUS ANDRONICUS – Opens August 29th, 2019

Our fourth Shoebox Shakespeare production.
Titus and Saturninus are both pre-cast.

Performance dates:  August 29-September 29, 2019 (Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun)
Rehearsals begin:  July 15
Probable Rehearsal Schedule:  Mon, Tues, Wed evenings 7-10pm, Saturdays 10-2, Sundays 6-9
Plus tech week will be daily from Aug 24-28

Audition:  Saturday, Dec 15, 10am-1pm
Callbacks:  Tuesday, Dec 18, 7-9:30PM


CONVOY 31000 – Opens November 1, 2019

This will be an original Lunatico production devised through improvisation and group research. Convoy 31000 will tell the story of the women who were active in the French Resistance to Nazi forces in World War II. We are looking for a diverse troupe (all ethnicities, gender & ages encouraged) for this production.

For Convoy 31000 , we will be looking for two groups of actors; a core group of  between 6-8 actors who will be involved in a more extensive research and devising schedule, and around 4-6 additional ensemble members who will be joining that group for the rehearsal schedule laid out below

Performance dates:  November 1-24, 2019 (Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun) — only 4 weekends, due to Thanksgiving with a possible extension Fri-Sun of Thanksgiving weekend

Rehearsals begin:  September 30 with ongoing individual research beginning in December; ongoing workshops between Dec-July (1-2 per month; core group of performers &/or ensemble)

Probable Rehearsal Schedule:  Mon, Tues, Wed evenings 7-10pm, Saturdays 10-3, Sundays 6-9 or 10-3

Plus tech week will be daily from Oct 26-31

Audition:  Sunday, Dec 16, 10AM-1PM
Callbacks:  Wed, Dec 19, 7-9:30PM



If you are interested in joining the Theatre Lunatico ensemble, but there are no posted upcoming auditions, you are encouraged to write to Tina outlining your interest in the company and your past theatre experience in order to be considered for additional ongoing projects. You may also send a resume and headshot to accompany your application.

Selected applicants will be invited to meet the Lunatico ensemble for one of our rehearsals, and audition with us through workshop participation and an informal discussion about our work.

Tina sees the audition process as a two way interview in which both the actor and company can explore the potential for a successful collaboration.

Once actors join the Theatre Lunatico ensemble, they will not be required to audition again, and will continue be invited to future company meetings and participate in future ensemble productions.