Theatre Lunatico is an ensemble performance company, producing exciting and innovative theatre since 2004. Directed by Tina Taylor, working with a core of dedicated performers, Theatre Lunatico combines theatre, dance, improvisation, movement and song to produce highly entertaining and artistically experimental theatre. We strive for gender equality in both our production crew and acting ensemble, and work hard to promote strong images of women in all our productions. 

We strive as a company to promote models of working that honor the skills, commitment, and artistry of all our company members.

Artistic Director – Tina Taylor

Executive Director – Eileen Fisher

Vocal Coach – Laura Alderdice

Assistant Director – Michael Barr

Core Company – Michael Barr, Eileen Fisher, Leon Goertzen, Shawn Oda, Tina Taylor.

Artistic Associates – Shoresh Alaudini, Melanie Bandera-Hess, Cedar Banks, Peter Bradbury, Heather Cherry, Maddie Cope, Melissa Clason, Sonia Decker, Stephen Dietz, Jon Demigillo, Megan Donahue, Sharron Drake, Bella Faillace, Leon Goertzen, Isabelle, Grimm, Gideon Jones, Pablo Hamlin, John J. Hanlon, Michel Harris, Derek Jepsen, Emily Ludlow, Keara Noelle,  Gillian Parker,  Rainier Pearl-Styles, Eileen Puppo, Scott Ragle, MaryAnn Rodgers, Zoe Taylor-Wolland, Jasper Thelin, David Westley Skillman.