I loved your production. Wow! Your vision was so spot-on for this timeless saga. It was all so familiar—I just loved it all, right down to the coke-sniffing servant. And then Shawn’s dance at the end. I loved that. It brought it all close to the heart. The chalk and hash tags too and the humor. Always with the humor. I should have gone earlier. I would have loved to see it more than once. Chockful of intelligent theatre—as always.

Suzy Anderson

“Michael Barr as Macbeth is Amazing!! His transformation from lover to beast was incredible. The famed banquet scene was done frightfully well and having seen the Berkeley Rep production as well there is no comparison, you will be kept on the edge of your seat here! This is a fantastic production by a talented ensemble and it’s not to be missed! “

Anne Dinklage

“I was really impressed with Theatre Lunatico’s take on Macbeth.  I’ve seen a number of productions of this play over the years, but rather than feeling worn out or overdone, Theatre Lunatico impressed me with a new depth to the characters and an exploration of trauma that I’ve never seen explored before in this play.  The whole ensemble worked so well together and it was clear that their total talent was greater than the sum of the parts, which is always what I hope to see in ensemble work.  In particular of course both Michael Barr and Melanie Bandera-Hess stood out as the title couple who are brought down not only by their own desires, but by the circumstances of their lives.  Both Melanie and Michael captured the subtleties of director Tina Taylor’s vision and brought talent, chemistry, and passion to the roles.  Kudos to Theatre Lunatico, the whole cast, and director Tina Taylor for a really fresh take on a classic play.
I thought Melanie Bandera-Hess showed a depth that I don’t usually associate with the role of Lady M.  It’s often one dimensional and while it can be entertaining to watch a greedy, evil woman wreak havoc on everyone, it was interesting to see more dimensionality with the trauma of losing a child, the backdrop of a war, the domestic dynamics that were abusive.  It was a very different take on things and I thought the ensemble was flawless.”

P. Greenberg

“Congratulations on a wonderful, uniquely performed Macbeth in a boutique stage setting-you were superb! Music and sound terrific-and a startling opening. The curtain call was profound.”

Jeffrey Lee Taylor

“I was extremely impressed with Theatre Lunatico’s production of Metamorphoses, The Stories of Ovid, written by Mary Zimmerman. This all female group’s use of a makeshift refugee camp as a backdrop for their storytelling was both captivating and refreshingly innovative. By using simple and powerful storytelling techniques, the actors were able to draw the audience into each story and reveal the timeless beauty of the human condition.”

Mark Friebel, Z Space Board of Directors


“I would say that what impressed me most was the way the group, through the expressiveness in voice and action, cut through the hazy film of centuries and made the play feel of our moment, fresh and relevant. I was also impressed with the way the unconventional venue actually became an asset – both in the engagement with the whole building as a vessel for the performance and for putting the audience on the stage with the actors.”

– Steve Chaitow, San Francisco, audience for A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Steve Chaitow, San Francisco

“This group of young actors packs such passion into their work. It’s a revelation to watch them work. I was transfixed.”



Pam Shandrick, Berkeley

“Loved working with energized artists, brought together by Tina Taylor, who were dedicated to bringing lively, relevant theater to all audiences.”

MaryAnn Rodgers, Actor and Director

“I had the good fortune of having Tina direct plays which I wrote. While I view myself as being creative and having a clear sense of my work, she brought the words to life in a way that made the plays seem new to me, and much better than I have envisioned.
She is imaginative, inventive, smart, and hard working. Plus she brings high standards to every project she’s involved with.”


Murray Suid, Director, Point Reyes Pictures