At Theatre Lunatico we are currently in the research phase of Macbeth, the second production in our Shoebox Shakespeare Series.

We were working together on the script the night of the US elections. At some point during that evening, as the frighteningly impossible became increasingly probable, the rehearsal seemed to grind to stunned and perplexed halt. We hugged hurriedly, fled early, all wanting, I believe, to get home to our loved ones. We left, one by one, in a state of quiet shock to “seek out some desolate shade and there weep our sad bosoms empty”.

Tyranny, it seems, is descending on us. As crude corruption stalks the corridors of power, it truly does appear that “our country sinks beneath the yoke. It weeps, it bleeds”.

Our exploration of this astonishing text has taken on new meaning since we heard the results. We are channeling our horror and fear, and our hopes, into our art. 

Here is a taste of what’s to come…

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